the story

Born in Bangkok: On a whim, the founding father of DEE moved to Thailand.

Once there, Josh pursued his lifelong passion: Thai Culture. From the cuisine to the culture, Josh engulfed himself in all that makes Thailand one of the most remarkable places in the world.

From the streets to the beats to the fruits, Josh quickly realized he had to merge first passion with his newpassion: cannabis & Thailand. With the lush fruits & bustling markets guiding his vision, Dee Thai was born!

An authentic Tropical Thai experience Dee was inspired by the lush fruits & bustling markets of Thailand.

All Dee flavours are selected for their unique profiles and because they only grow in tropical parts of Thailand & the world.


Exclusive genetic collaborations, which combine exotic Thai flavors with the highest-quality cannabis genetics in rosin form. Each gummy is a unique and delicious experience, transporting your taste buds to the tropics with every bite.

So why settle for generic cannabis products when you can have the premium experience of Dee Thai gummies? Try them today and discover the perfect balance of exotic flavors and high-quality cannabis genetics.

our founder

Dee Thai was founded by 20+ year cannabis pioneer Josh Schmidt and the manufacturing powerhouse Natura. Josh’s inspiration stemmed from his passion for Thai culture while living in Bangkok. He immersed himself in the local cuisine, culture, and markets. He realized he could merge his passions for cannabis and Thai culture. From there, Dee Thai, a truly unique experience was born.

Dee Thai products are inspired by the lush fruits, serene beaches, and bustling markets of Thailand. We've selected unique and exotic flavors that grow in tropical parts of Thailand. Creating the first and most authentic Thai cannabis experience.